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For beginners in the foreign exchange market, they may not know how to take the first step in foreign exchange trading, so it is necessary to introduce the foreign exchange trading process for beginners. This article focuses on introducing the steps of foreign exchange trading, as well as several magical trading skills of foreign exchange market.
What are the steps of foreign exchange transactions
Step one, consider and decide on a foreign currency order. Investors have to analyze the market for themselves and figure out which currency pairs they are bullish on (or bearish on) to decide what to trade and where to trade. If investors think the dollar is likely to rise in the near term, they can buy the dollar and sell it at a profit.
Step two, build a position on the trading software. After deciding which currency pairs to trade, the investor creates an order, or position, on trading software such as MT4. Once the exchange rate reaches an investor's desired price, the position can be liquidated, or closed.
Two concepts need to be explained here. One is the spread, which is the difference between the bid price and the offer price of a currency pair and the cost that investors pay traders to cover their transaction costs. So investors can profit only if the exchange rate changes beyond the point spread. Another is leverage, investors in the establishment of a position to set up a good number of trading hands, the number of trading hands determines the amount of investors to occupy margin, and investors can use leverage to achieve the purpose of small.
Step 3: Manage accounts. Having established a position, investors need to keep an eye on the market and manage their accounts, focusing on the positions they have already taken. Investors need to be reminded to set a stop loss point and stop profit point.
Step 4: Unwind. That's what we call closing a position. Investors can close out their positions and trades at any time they wish. But there are two special cases. The first is that if the investor has placed a stop loss and a stop profit, the position will be automatically closed when the exchange rate reaches the corresponding level. In the second case, if the investor loses too much and the margin balance is insufficient, he will be forced to close out his position.
Several magical trading techniques in the foreign exchange market
1. Random shock index
Stochastic oscillators are designed to help us determine when a trend will end and identify a currency pair that is overbought or oversold. The stochastic oscillator works like a MACD indicator, which, as we will soon see, shows two lines, one faster than the other. Using a stochastic oscillator is simple -- for example, when the line crosses 80(the market is overbought) - go short, when the line crosses 20(the market is oversold) - go long.
2. Boleyn belt
The Boleyn belt was developed by a man named John Boleyn to measure market volatility. It's easy to read the Bollinger band because when prices move between two lines, when a strong trend occurs, you see those lines start to diverge. When the fluctuation range of exchange rate increases, the fluctuation band will become wider. The fluctuation band remains unchanged or Narrows when the exchange rate moves sideways. In other words, the range of the volatility band given by the Bollinger line is constantly adjusted as the exchange rate changes.
As for foreign exchange trading Trade Forex, this article focuses on the steps of foreign exchange trading, as well as several magical trading skills in the foreign exchange market. It can be seen that the steps of foreign exchange trading are very simple. The first step is to open a foreign exchange account and trade can be carried out after successful investment. Foreign exchange trading is both profitable and risky. Investors need to master necessary investment skills if they want to make more money.
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Foreign exchange risk refers to the potential rise or fall risk of an enterprise's cost, profit, cash flow or market value caused by the fluctuation of foreign exchange rate. Of course, there are also risks in individual foreign exchange speculation. Then the specific risk of foreign exchange transaction is not big, what are the characteristics of foreign exchange transaction risk, this paper will give you a specific introduction.
The risk of foreign exchange transaction is not big
Foreign exchange investment is neither as risky as some investors think, nor as risk-free as some investors think. The risk of foreign exchange investment largely depends on the operation of investors. Investors who think the risk is high ignore the following contents.
First, the lack of understanding of the foreign exchange market. Some investors see that others know to make money in the foreign exchange market, they will blindly enter the foreign exchange market trading, this arbitrary mentality to investors do single has brought a great threat.
Second, the foreign exchange trading platform does not pay attention to. Some investors feel that it is the same to make a single order on which foreign exchange trading platform. In fact, the gap between formal and informal platforms is very large. Informal foreign exchange trading platforms have no way to ensure the safety of investors' funds, and will not independently manage investors' funds. Trading platforms directly contact investors' funds, and there will be a lot of artificial interference with investors' transactions.
Third, technical analysis indicators will not be used. There are many investors to do a single are blindly behind successful investors, there is no objective judgment. No investor can guarantee profits in the foreign exchange market all the time, and investors should not follow orders because they are afraid of the risks of the foreign exchange market. In such a way, they will lose the ability to make independent decisions over time. Once investors can not independently judge the development trend of the foreign exchange market, they will be in an awkward passive position in the foreign exchange market FX Markets.
Characteristics of foreign exchange transaction risk
1. Foreign exchange transaction risks. Foreign exchange risk arises because of the exchange of domestic and foreign currencies. Foreign exchange banks that deal in foreign exchange mainly bear foreign exchange risks. The same risks also occur when enterprises other than banks make loans or borrowings in foreign currencies and carry out foreign exchange transactions accompanied by foreign currency loans or borrowings. There are also risks involved in trading foreign exchange by individuals.
2. The exchange of domestic currency with foreign currency for the purpose of future foreign exchange transactions is risky because the exchange rate applicable for future transactions is not self-determined. This is the risk of foreign currency denominated trade transactions and non-trade transactions, so it is also known as "transaction settlement risk".
3. How to evaluate in domestic currency when enterprises conduct accounting treatment and foreign currency claims and final accounts. For example, when dealing with final accounts and evaluating claims and debts, baihui will have differences in book profits and losses due to different exchange rates applied, so it is also called "evaluation risk" or "foreign exchange translation risk".
4. Economic risk -- refers to the risk that enterprises or individuals may lose their future expected earnings due to exchange rate changes.
5. Country risk -- political risk. It refers to the possibility of loss caused by the termination of foreign exchange transactions of enterprises or individuals due to national compulsion.
As for the risk of foreign exchange transaction, this paper mainly introduces whether the risk of foreign exchange transaction is big or not, and the characteristics of foreign exchange transaction risk. In short, the risks of foreign exchange transactions exist objectively, and investors need to view them objectively, and then reduce the risks of foreign exchange transactions by improving their investment ability, and at the same time obtain more profits.
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For investors who speculate on foreign exchange, it will be of great help to know more about foreign exchange transactions. This paper focuses on introducing what the foreign exchange trading market is and what the characteristics of the foreign exchange trading market are. We can have more understanding of the foreign exchange trading market through these information.
What are the foreign exchange markets
1. London Foreign Exchange Market
The London Foreign Exchange Market is made up of foreign exchange banks and branches of foreign banks in London, foreign exchange brokers, other non-bank financial institutions dealing in foreign exchange and the Bank of England. The London foreign exchange market has about 300 designated foreign exchange banks licensed by the Bank of England, including overseas branches of the major clearing banks.
2.New York Foreign Exchange Market
Nymex is not only the center of foreign exchange business in the United States, but also one of the most important international foreign exchange markets in the world, ranking second in the world in terms of daily trading volume. It is also the clearing center for global DOLLAR transactions.
3.Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market
Tokyo foreign exchange market develops with the reverse development of Japan's foreign economy and trade, and is related to the process of Japan's financial liberalization and internationalization.
4. Hong Kong Foreign Exchange Market
Hong Kong is the fifth largest foreign exchange trading center in the world. The official opening time of the day is 9 a.m., but many financial institutions have their prices displayed half an hour earlier. By 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, the major banks have been flush that day foreign exchange positions, basically no new transactions, generally can be considered 5 o 'clock in the afternoon is the closing time.
What are the characteristics of the foreign exchange market
1. high reliability. Foreign exchange is affected by the country's economic factors or political factors, there is no grapevine or false information, reflects the principle of fair trade; There is no such as the stock market investment can not be liquidated in the bear market and caught up with huge losses. Investors can buy or sell at any price.
2. Margin trading, investment small report big. Leveraged trading allows investors to buy and sell huge amounts of foreign exchange contracts with a small margin, which can be magnified 20 to 500 times, or 100 or 200 times for normal leverage.
3. two-way trading investment, up and down have profit opportunities this will undoubtedly increase the investment opportunities. Due to the current domestic financial market is not mature enough, in a major investment markets in stock trading can only realize the purchase transaction, if the encounter big bear markets such as the 2008, most of the investors can only lose money, it is difficult to have a profitable investment opportunities, in the developed foreign markets, whether stock or foreign exchange and futures are can realize two-way trade.
4. 24 hours trading, Forex Trading Online trading at any time. Investors can choose to trade in any period of time, not deliberately fixed in a certain period of time, suitable for the public investors can choose to trade in their spare time, especially at night. It will not affect the job and increase the chance of a profitable investment.
5. risk control, preset price limit and stop loss, stop profit. Any investment has risk and profit, all investors are looking at the profit and investment, and the premise of profit is to control the risk.
On the question of foreign exchange trading market, this paper focuses on the introduction of foreign exchange trading market, and the characteristics of foreign exchange trading market. Foreign exchange investment is ultimately carried out through the foreign exchange market, so it is necessary for investors to study its composition and characteristics, so as to take the initiative in subsequent transactions.